Teach Me Music®


Teach me Music® inspires  kids to learn through MUSIC

Created by former music teacher, the new instructional CD and sing-along activity booklet teaches ABC’s, manners, imagination, and more!


Teach Me Music®, a new instructional CD and activity booklet, is now available to parents, educators and childcare providers nationwide who are looking for innovative ways to help their children learn.


Featuring 12 original songs suitable for ages three and up, Teach Me Music® provides children with a fun, creative way to learn everything from the sounds of the alphabet to personal table manners.  Created and produced by Bren Norris, a Bay Area software executive and former music teacher, the songs on Teach Me Music® were written to help children learn both simple music principles as well as basic life skills.


“Teach Me Music® was created to help fill the void in music education in American schools,” Norris explained.  “As a former music teacher, I knew what was missing and felt that I had the obligation and an opportunity to provide children with a positive musical learning tool that would be helpful in so many areas of their development.”


As example, Norris’ Ickily Boo Doo teaches the letters with the sounds of the alphabet in a rhyming manner, offering kids an amusing alternative to the usual Twinkle Twinkle Little Star melody, which only teaches the letters and not the sounds of the letters.   She wrote Rock ‘n Roll Manners to teach manners as well as personal choice, while Crystal Rainbowwas created to teach children how to make rainbows with crystals and to believe that wishes do come true.  All of the lyrics to the Teach Me Music®   songs are included on the CD cover booklet, as well as suggested sing-along activities.


“Teach me Music®  is a valuable resource for parents and teachers who are looking beyond the typical educational products found in most stores today,” commented Cara Ford.  “Bren has combined her strong teaching background, musical talent and creativity to develop an educational and entertaining product that will appeal to children of all ages .”   Dr. Sylvia Mills has said, “ I wish this CD had been available when my children were small. They loved singing songs and remember all the words to this day. What a fun way to implant such positive lifetime knowledge and you have a lovely lyrical style that is easy to enjoy. I’ve recommended the songs to all my friends for their children and grandchildren.”


While studying music at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA, Bren had an opportunity to be in the Bob Hope Show and meet other fine artisans. In an evening dinner with Henry (Hank) Mancini and friends, she asked his secrets to writing music. When he told her his secret, it didn’t make sense at the time. It has taken twenty years for her to discover Henry Mancini’s secret to writing music and that shift is clearly noticeable in how she writes and sings today. You can hear it in her voice and feel it in her presence.
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