Music Reviews

Upliftment of Humanity

That’s wonderful  Dear  Bren!  You are a GIFT to this world:) Thank you for all your beautiful work for the upliftment of humanity …..Namaste and many blessings Dear Bren!

Cristina Light

Happy and peaceful

Reviewer: Karen Jaber

This is a fantastic CD. I have an 8 year old, and she smiles with glee through each song. Her particular favorite is Ickily Boo Doo, while mine is the  lullaby Dream. It’s so peaceful, it takes me to another place. Enjoy it!

Takes me to a happier time

Reviewer:Janna Wanner

Listening to this CD gave me a mini mind vacation. It took me back to a slower paced, happier time of life. Sweet selections. My favorite is the title song Lavender Bear. While I don’t have little ones at home, I teach young children. Lavender Bear will be played in my classroom this year. Great singing range for children and adults as well.Wonderful variety of musical genres.

A remarkable learning tool for toddlers and young children

Reviewer: Readith Norton

This CD has provided a remarkable learning  tool for my 18 month old grandson.  He mimics the sounds, he dances to the music and gets generally happy when he hears the music. Ms. Norris’ voice and her language compatibility to the thoughts of children make a natural combination that stimulates learning and imagination and holds the attention of even a toddler. I am a formerK-6 teacher and would highly recommend these CD’s especially for the 1-7 age group

CAN’T Stop Dancing!


My Grandson dances to this CD all the time especially to Rock n Roll Manners!

Really Great especially the Spanish Song

Reviewer: CDW

It is really good—I especially like the song with the Spanish Chorus. Me Siento llena da vida —really good

My two girls LOVED the CD and listen to it ALL the time

Reviewer Carole Monette

This particular CD is such a breath of fresh air. The words and themes are exactly the things I want my girls to listen to. The words are clear and loving. A must for any family with little kids.

AWESOME CD, I have given as gifts!

Reviewer:Dennis McBride

This CD is superb. Everyone that has heard it loves it. Kids like it and parents LOVE it!

Children learn the songs and the meanings of the songs!

Reviewer: Dr. Sylvia Mills, PhD. Psychologist, Author,  and Speaker

Children learn the words of songs and the words in these songs are fun and they teach children essential, social skills we all want our children to know. Additionally, when your child plays this CD over and over, unlike some CD’s out there, listening to Bren’s melodic voice and enjoyable songs will not drive you crazy!