What’s new at Teach Me Music

What a whirlwind of activity….. new pages, new products, new lesson plans, new teachers from all around the world and new wonderful new ways to teach music online. We now have teachers that will teach all around the world virtually and will link these URL’s to teach me music. This is great news….. we are also doing videos for classroom use, teaching instruments, lessons, theory and more. Stay Tuned!

5 Minute Shuffle

Dr Oz said that a mere 5 minutes of exercise a day helps improve your health. Since this song was written for children as well as adults, this is a PERFECT song to exercise to, or to shuffle to…. get on those dancing shoes and let’s use the 5 minute shuffle to end obesity!

Welcome to Teach Me Music!

This is an educational site which uses music as a medium to create, educate, play, sing and dance with our children!  I am an educator helping families jump start their children’s education through the power of music while helping them create stronger bonds as family. Children with music in their surroundings at a very young age are tested to be more intelligent, more social, happier, better in Math, Science languages and have positive self esteem. Our site has samples of our songs, reviews, activities, lesson plans, and more. Enjoy our site, and let us know what you need in your classroom or at home, we are always looking for some great things to write about!