Activity Page

This page is for parents, teachers, grandparents and all who want to use my songs for activities with children.

Spoken Song Tic Tock Clock

Activity: Make a clock out of paper plates, cardboard, and fasteners. Be Creative and allow the children to draw a face on their personal clock. Put a hole in the middle of the clock and attach two pieces of cardboard for the hands (or use plastic utensils with holes in the handles or be creative) fasten with a fastener. Add the numbers on the dial. Move hands to Tic Tock Clock

Have older students learn fractions while making the clock to see where to put the numbers. This is good for telling time and math. Older students can make more advanced looking clocks with sequins, pictures, games or drawings whatever they want their personal Clock to be. They may even purchase a real clock backing so that it works at home. Have a clock contest in each classroom
Crystal Rainbow is just a beautiful song, and quite magical in the fact that students get to create beautiful rainbows in their home or classroom. The song gives instructions and asks to make a wish on the rainbows (prisms) that are created. This leads to directions N,S,E,W where the sun rises, sets and what time of day we get rainbows from where we hang the crystal. This is also good to introduce compass directions, directions by stars or constellations etc. Be creative

Teaching science, through music.

I have Two CatsThis opens a discussion about animals, pets and the like with fun sounds that the animals make. Easily applicable to use with young childrenMorning Time

This is a song about morning time, chores, wash the face, brush the teeth, dress for morning play. It’s morning time my favorite time, its morning time today


Rock N Roll MannersClearly everyone needs to refresh our manners from time to time and what a better way to do so than with this song. the lyrics say “Chew it up now chew it up keep your mouth closed press your lips together and breath through your nose rock n roll manners is what I can choose to keep us in a good mood”This song also gives people a CHOICE ….to choose good manners to keep us in a good mood. Other verses include Please may I please, elbows off the table, excuse me please excuse me, all manners we need to know.


Animal Sashay

is with a lively, fun song about animals. I waddle waddle waddle like a duck duck duck. This activity song is great for kids to play out all the animals.


Days of the week

is for learning the days of the week. played in a Carribean style.


Lavender Bear

is a lovely Waltz for children to dance to. This one two three rhythm is great for kids to dance to or sway or use scarves to move. Great for music and movement, equally as great for slowing down and getting ready for bed or naptime


5 Minute Shuffle

was written because I am aware of the growing problem of childhood obesity.
This is an activity song that everyone can enjoy by moving, sliding, hopping and all for 5 minutes at a time even if its just walking around the table or chair


Do Re Mi Re Do

is a round, in classical style as the kids learn the musical alphabet in a round

Clap Clap Bow

is another animal activity song that includes REAL animal sounds and gets faster and faster all the while.


Ickily Boo Doo

teaches the SOUNDS OF THE ALPHABET not just the letters in an easy manner