About Bren

Hello and Welcome to Teach Me Music®    My name is Bren Wrona Norris, a former public school music teacher. Yes I am tenured and certified in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, for 99 years!. As we have all seen, music and the arts have been cut from our children’s education across the country. This in my opinion is wrong.

It has been studied and shown that children with music in their lives, learn faster, do better in math, science, languages, self discipline, and achieve much more than other children without music. Studies show that music education at an early stage in life helps concentration and growth of learning through stimulating brain activity thru music.

I saw a need in education, and decided to compose music that taught lessons, music for learning, music for movement, activities, and just plain fun. I can teach a concept to a 4 year old that is presently in the curriculum for 7-8 grade…thru music.

Like most of us, when I grew up I learned the ABC’s to the melody of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Gosh that makes no sense 150 years later, so I wrote the song Ickily Boo Doo which not only has the letters of the alphabet but the SOUNDS with the letter. This helps our children and ESL students to learn in a manner that makes so much more sense.

Rock n Roll Manners teaches manners in a fun rock tune and all the rest of the songs came easily when I was re writing a curriculum for preschool.

On another note,  I have a B.A. in Music from Temple University (voice and piano), and a M.S. in Psychology in Humanistic Studies from Marywood University.  In a former career, I was a Miss Pennsylvania, did the Bob Hope show, met with Henry Mancini and owe a lot to these two great gentlemen who had a huge impact on my career and music.