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We are continuing to educate, strengthen and build a strong foundation for your children. We are very pleased to write that exciting new things are coming this fall and we are pleased to be a part.  Stay tuned, keep dancing, singing and playing


PLAY is a child’s work


Today I received a copy of the California Dept of ED requirements for MATH….. my class yesterday for preschoolers  learned what is equivalent to 4th grade math.

we need to somehow get this curriculum out to kids via apps, computer etc…



A few things to Mention …… July 24th Class 11- 1145 am presentation school    second class..we are learning notes,  music games,  singing and more…..see you there

Water Night as heard below will now be part of the opening at the Olympics…YES I will be VIRTUALLY singing at the Olympics across the bridge in a soundscape… see details at www.ericwhitacre.com


and more exciting news coming.. .keep the magic flowing







Summer Classes

 Schedule  July 15 – Aug 9  Presentation School Library

Tues July 17,24, 31 and  Aug 7

Thurs  July 19, 26, Aug 2 and 9

Babycakes     3 months -1 yr

Parent/Child    Tues 9-9:30 AM

In this class, we will be working with our little ones to develop their 5  senses, and their brain with music using flashcards, music, toys, colors etc

(3M) Mini Me Music  1-3 yrs.

Parent/Child    Tues 10-10:45 AM

We will work with our little ones, to move, crawl,  use small instruments for rhythm and expression, color, toys and fun. Music develops their brain!

(4M) Mini Me Music & Movement   3 -5yrs Parent/Child Tues 11-11:45 AM

Fun class filled with music and movement, activities, instruments, learning and play!

Voice  101  Thurs 10-10:45 AM  Basic voice class  for all ages

Say Yes Improv!  6-12 yrs Thurs 11-11:45 AM  Improvisation class with solo/ group activities.

Say Yes Improv! For Teens Thurs 1-1:45 PM Improvisation class with solo/group activities for teens.


Special Guests for SAY YES IMPROV FOR TEENS are Codi Binkley, Steve Ledson, Ken Brown and Briana Stade


 4 week class $100. per student  $30 single class

All Courses are taught by Bren Wrona Norris Award Winning Singer/Songwriter

K-12 Music Teacher (Tenured) MS Psychology

 415 225 5613 cell

End of Classes for 2012 summer

This site is an educational site geared towards education through music.  Researchers have found that when babies and early childhood education includes music, the intelligence of the child increases by a huge margin.  They are more disciplined, create more, interact more and studies show they excel in Math and Sciences more so than those without music.


Our first CD Teach Me Music® was heard by Fisher Price and they licensed 6 songs for their FP3 player.  Lavender Bear was on the long list for consideration for nomination for a Grammy under best children’s album.


Listen to the song samples, buy them individually or as a whole CD


The pages here give teachers songs and activities for each song and there will be forthcoming a whole page of Lesson plans created by us to teach music on all levels. Enjoy the songs, and stay tuned for our shift in education through using Teach Me Music®



Update  4/2/2012  Bren sings with Grammy Award winner Eric Whitacre in his Virtual Choir 3 Performing WATER NIGHT released 4/2/12… see it on YOUTUBE here